Damar project was created as a result of my old love for the rich Balkan vocal heritage and research of traditional singing, with the desire to present this treasure in a different way and preserve it for generations to come. Exceptional musicians, their commitment and the understanding of my idea helped to make my dream a reality.

We respected the tradition, preserved all the values of old songs and in this way created the fusion of the old and the new. With modern approach, appealing arrangements, traditional instruments and voice, ten compositions on this CD show the beauty, enthusiasm, passion and desire, but also the dread, worry, melancholy - all that a traditional Balkan song carries, awakening every damar* within us. I'm sure that neither the best connoisseurs of this music nor those who simply love and enjoy the beautiful and honest sound of traditional music will feel indifferent about this project.

* Damar (from the Turkish word damar) means lifeblood, something that pulsates, capers and trembles within us. The local people often say ‘zaigrali su damari u meni’ when something or someone makes us quiver because of beauty, joy or pleasure. Also, damar means the underground path of water from its source to the Earth’s surface, i.e. the path of pleasure, from its source towards the soul that feels it. Damar doesn’t only represent the heart as an organ of emotions, but also as the pulse of life, exuberant feelings in our body and soul, when excited by beauty.

However, why damar? Well, because I feel it every time I sing this kind of tradicional music with soul and beautiful stories.

Zarko Ilič

1. Džanum zađe Sunce 3:36
2. Kaleš bre Anđo 5:28
3. Udade se Živka Sirinićka 3:30
4. Kirjana vino prodava 3:18
5. Petlovi more pojev 4:53
6. Grana od bora 3:08
7. Ela se vie 4:17
8. Evo ovu rumen ružu 3:11
9. Večeraj sino 3:37
10. Koliko je širom svijeta 4:50